These new songs and hymns are designed to be sung by artists and choirs,

as well as in religious services.  Sacred scripture set to inspirational music

will appeal to listeners, to singers. and worshipers, who want to celebrate

and reflect on their faith.  These songs are also appropriate for use during

the Eucharist, in prayer services, and other celebrations.

The song structure is basically:


or its variation


The sheet music for each song contains a melody line with lyrics, keyboard

accompaniment, and chords above the melody line.  The source of

Scripture-based text is also included.  All sheet music is arranged

according to my five Song Albums in separate Sub-Pages.

If you click on the arrow above the sheet music for each song, you can

listen to the sound track for the song while reviewing the sheet music

at the same time.  The sheet music for all 60 songs can be downloaded

(ZIP Files) from my FREE MUSIC PAGE and also from my Songbooks Page.