From the recording ALL THE WAY TO GLORY


Born again and bound for glory
By the waters of life and words so holy.
When the cross we carry bears the pain of the many,
We will rise with him, all the way to glory.
There is a calling in life to come and follow,
Like a voice crying out in the wilderness of our soul.
Where the valleys are leveled and the mountains laid low,
Then new life is coming when the Lord of all is calling.
There is a longing in life to find our calling,
Where our love carries on in the cradle of belonging.
We are children of creation, born of heaven and earth,
And the morning of rebirth is the evening of our longing.
There is a feeling when faith is born by believing;
Love of God and of neighbor guides our way to ever-being.
We must decrease to go on living he must increase,
For the path to the Lord is leading straight to that lasting feeling.