My new song, TOGETHER FOREVER, is about love,
the kind of love that begins and never ends. . .even in death!
In this time of separation and loneliness, the bond of love
between two people is not over, it is in our hearts 
forever and lives on in the heavens above.

   God is love and love is God. This I believe with all 
   My Heart and Soul.       

 A copy of the lyrics is included below for you to follow 
along, as the music video is playing.
Hope you like the new song.





   I cried when you closed your eyes for the last time,

Saying softly, "I love you," with your final breath.

So alone in my heart and soul, but not without hope;

For whoever lives in God's grace never dies in death.

When united with Christ, we will find each other,

Where our love lives on . . . forever and ever.


When God's love fills the heaven's above,

And we rise hand-in-hand into his hands;

Then our love for one another comes together.

Together in God's love, together my love, together forever.


O love of my life, I am lost in loneliness.

Left with only memories to fill the emptiness;

Though we who believe are baptized and born again,

Then we are raised in God's grace, blessed, and saved by faith;

Becoming his children in the Kingdom of heaven,

Where our love lives on . . . forever and ever.


While life goes on and on, as my body fades away,

My soul is growing stronger with every passing day.

When I fall asleep in the night and awake in the light of Christ,

I will soon be with you on the heavenly side of life;

For we are believers, who seek our Creator,

Where our love lives on . . . forever and ever.