From the recording COMING ON THE CLOUDS


Trials and tribulation,
Troubled hearts and revelation.
Whoever overcomes is far from the fears,
Far from the cries, as the Morning Star nears.
Blessed are they of faith and praise who bow down and pray,
To the Lord our God everlasting day:
"Come with the clouds, Lord Jesus come!"
Coming on the clouds with great glory:
The First and the Last, the Almighty.
Where the trumpets sound in the glow that abounds,
Life and love are coming on the clouds.
Sins that cry for his forgiveness,
Hardened hearts so blind with darkness.
Whoever finds the Way is close to the Truth,
Close to the Life, and the light of Christ.
Bless those who believe for they will rise ever higher,
Far away from death in the lake of fire.
"Come with the clouds, Lord Jesus come!"
Saved from death and separation,
Born again in celebration.
Whoever loves the Lord is with he who is,
With he who was, and who is to come.
Blessed are they who stand so firm and follow the faith;
In the Book of Life all their names are found,
When the Son of Man comes on the clouds.