From the recording COME CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN


Come climb the mountain of God.
Climb as far as the Morning Star.
Climb as high as heaven shines above all.
Come to Christ on the cross
And climb the mountain of God.
Come to the waters, come to the fountain of life.
Feel the love pouring into our heart.
See the Light of lights flooding the dark,
While rising with him into the heights
And starting the climb of our life.
Come to his table, come to the banquet of life.
Feel the loving presence of the Lord,
breaking the bread and sharing the wine;
Where we never hunger or thirst,
While making the climb to lasting life.
Come to his kingdom, come to the garden of life.
Let our love for others lead us higher:
Charity borne on the cross that we bear.
Let faith in the way of the Lord
Take us to the top of the world.