From the recording GOD IS WITH YOU


Where the snow-covered mountains
Sweep away to the shining seas,
All is God, all is gift, as far as you can see.
From the heavens to the earth to the blessings of new birth,
God is all and in all, wherever you follow his call.
God is with you and all around you.
He is there beside you and everywhere to guide you.
Calling you to follow with all your heart and soul.
God is with you and all around you.
When the Morning Star rises,
Spreading light to the far horizons,
All is love from above, as long as you believe.
From the darkness of the past to the sun that never sets,
Jesus Christ is your Lord, as you follow God's eternal word.
When the light of the world
Comes to shine on the road ahead,
Blessed are you who believe, for you've seen a great light.
From the saving cross of Christ to the waters of new life,
God calls you every day, to follow the everlasting way.