From the recording ALL FOR THE LOVE

ALL FOR THE LOVE.  The Lord our God calls us into existence out of pure love;  and it is this loving providence that is present and accompanies us from the moment of our birth to our last breath (Matthew 28: 20).  God is always with us from the beginning to the end, from everlasting to everlasting.


Love only for love,
I came into this world to show the way,
To suffer and take death away
After I died, I rose to life anew,
All for the love of you.
O I was there
Waiting for you at the dawn of your birth,
Helping you to take your first breath,
And those first steps upon the earth.
When the water was poured over you,
Then we died as one and rose again
With my promise of a new life to begin,
And to be there for you until the end.
O I was there
Only for you through the years of prayers and tears,
Helping you to find the way home,
When you were lost and felt so alone.
Wronged by those who did not believe,
You then learned to forgive and let it be.
But what you did for the lost and the least,
Because of love, you also did for me.
I will be there
Waiting for you, when the light slowly fades from view;
With your friends and family so true,
Wanting to say their last "I love you."
So be faithful in following my word,
And be everything that born again can be.
When this life comes to an end with your last breath,
Then you will be in paradise with me.