From the recording HOW FAR IS HEAVEN


How far is heaven from the earth,
When the bells forever toll?
As far as the heart is from the soul
In the everlasting glow.
How far is the Morning Star from the dawn of our birth?
As far as the heavens are from the earth.
How long can we live when only love is left?
As long as God above be ever blessed.
Lord, we sing your praises
And serve you for all we are worth.
How far lies forgiveness for living in darkness?
As far as the east is from the west.
How lost is the soul, who only walks the night?
As lost as a flower that longs for the light.
Lord, we pray that your light
Always shines on the life that unfolds.
How far is the Light of life from the night that never ends?
As far as the sun that never sets.
How long can life go on when born again?
As long as Christ is the First and the Last.
Lord, we follow in your footsteps
And carry our cross to new life.