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NOTE:  These folders and files are compressed (zip) files, so each songbook download may take a few minutes, depending on your computer.  A songbook folder contains three sub-folders:  1. Songbook Cover (photo), 2. Preface and Contents, and 3. Sheet Music for twelve songs.  To save the three sub-folders and their contents, click on the pop-up menu and relocate the files to a folder of your choice; or simply drag or copy the three folders to a new file location.  Since the folders and files for a specific songbook will be on your computer, you can organize the materials and make copies on your own time.

 SONGBOOK SUGGESTIONS:  A half-inch, 3-ring, view binder works great for organizing the files into a songbook.  Avoid using a 3-hole punch by protecting the sheet music with 3-hole plastic sheet protectors.  Since sheet music is so precise and detailed, bright white inkjet paper (24 lb, 97 brightness or greater) will give a bolder and brighter appearance to the music notation.

 SHEET MUSIC COPYRIGHT LAWS:  This sheet music is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.  If anyone wishes to record one of these songs for commercial purposes or sell the sheet music of a song, they must obtain permission from the composers and pay a licensing fee to do so.  The right to record or sell this music will require either a flat fee or a percentage of the sales to be paid to the composers.