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This Sunday we will start the Liturgical Season of Advent.  As people of faith, we set aside some time each year to reflect, to refocus our life, to be aware of the place of God, of Jesus in our lives. Scripture Readings during the next few weeks call us to return to God who loves us into being, and to renew our trust and faith in Him.  It is also a time of hope, re-commitment, and peace.  As always, our relationship with God is strengthened and shown by our relationship with others.


shutterstock_120800425_150x112.jpg 1.  ALL THE WAY TO GLORY AND LEAD US HOME.  These two songs from the albums:  SONGS OF ENDLESS LOVE and I CALL TO YOU, respectively, are somewhat connected.  In the first song, we are called to hear and respond to the Voice of The Prophet Isaiah (40:3-4) to prepare the way for the Lord, to level the high places, and to fill up the valleys.  This is a very busy time of the year with so many commitments, and so many things to do, yet the Lord asks us to "go apart to the wilderness." The wilderness here could mean that we must have a "different list of priorities," to ask ourselves some hard questions:  where does God fit into our lives and how at peace are we in the light of eternity?  Each of us may have different answers, but we can all turn to the Lord and ask for His Guidance and Grace to Lead Us Home.  We are placed on this earth for a purpose, which may or may not be clear right now.  Faith teaches us that We are created by Love and for Love.  Our difficulties and hardships in this life are means to prepare us for the the life without end that is to come.  We pray for the strength and perseverance in our Lives of Love:  Love of God and of Others.



2. PRAY FOR DELIVERANCE.  The Roman Rite Gospel Reading for the First Sunday of Advent is taken from Mark13:33-37.  The lyrics for this song are also based on that reading, as well as other passages from Matthew24:42,44;  Luke 21:36;  Ephesians1:4;5:19 and 1Thessalonians3:13.  The main themes are watchfulness, readiness, and to pray constantly. Our "waiting" for the Lord should be very active and requires our efforts both spiritually and through reaching out to others in service. We are to strengthen our hearts through faith, hope, and love:  through taking time to reflect and to correct what we see as not in accord with the Life in Christ;  to "count our blessings" and lift our voices in hymns of joy and thanksgiving, as we join with our fellow believers of the worshiping community.  Ultimately, while Advent is a time of reflection, of "taking stock of our lives," it should also be a time of hope and of joy.  God is our Father and Creator.  Jesus is our Redeemer and Liberator.  The Holy Spirit is our Advocate and our Defender.  Love is the reason for our existence. . . God is love and love is God.


10749516_10203509922531266_557935070_n__2__150x150.jpg 3. REVELATION, OUT OF THE BLUE, AND COMING ON THE CLOUDS. The remaining three songs relating to the Season of Advent : Revelation (He Is Risen Song album), Out of  the Blue and Coming on the Clouds (Pray for Deliverance Song Album) continue the Themes of: "Waiting in Patience" for the "Coming of Jesus" amidst the "Trials and Tribulations of Life." We are chosen, called to be followers of the Lord, who is the Way, the Truth and the Light.  The happiness of the Life to come will be based on how we live the life of faith in Jesus on earth.  We are to pray as we face life's challenges.  We are to stand firm, certain of the value system of faith, which is very different from the values of the world.  We are to share "bread" not only at the Lord's Table, but also our material resources and gifts with others, since we are all called to be members of Christ's Body.  As we prepare our hearts, our minds, our souls, and our lives to welcome Christ, may we remember and experience the privilege of being chosen by the God of Love:  to be saved from the power of darkness and unbelief, to share in His Peace and Joy, to have as our Protector and Advocate in Jesus, who experienced human pain and suffering, yet never sinned. This knowledge should give us Hope and Joy, as we renew our welcome of His Presence into our lives.  

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