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1. MY LORD, MY GOD ARE YOU - The lyrics of this song remind us of the many Scripture Passages from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. We witness the Apostles "waking" Jesus from his sleep when their boat was storm tossed and they were in danger of drowning (Matt.8:24-26) and of Jesus assuring his frightened disciples when they "saw" him walking on the water and thought he was a ghost (Matt.14:26-31). We learn of his compassion for the woman with a hemorrhage (Matt.9:22). We experience Jesus' s patience in "curing" a sick child when his father came to him exhausted and disappointed, because the child has been sick for a long time and after the disciples "could not do any thing" Jesus told us by way of saying to this father: "Everything is possible for those who believe" (Mark 9:23-24). We "hear" Jesus 's reassuring words to a "woman of ill repute!" "Your faith has saved you, go in peace." (Luke 7:50) Next, we experience the "unconditional Love, ever-ready Forgiveness of the Father of the Prodigal Son as this son returned (conversion) and made his confession "Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you..." (Luke 15:11-32). Lastly, the blind beggar had his sight restored because, again, Jesus told him "... your faith has saved you." (Luke 18:42)

The consistent themes we notice from these episodes are the mercy, compassion, love, and patience of Jesus as he went about preaching the "New Commandment of Love and the Kingdom of God." The cures of the afflicted - sickness of body and the spirit - were preceded by acts of faith on the part of the recipients, or of the one who requested on someone else' s behalf. The disciples' fear was calmed by the intervention and action of Jesus. Like them, we should be hearing our Lord's questions "Why are you afraid? Where is your faith?" Yet now, as in the day of his earthly life, this merciful, compassionate Jesus, our Savior is with us always. He is ever present, through the Waters of Rebirth (Baptism), our soul becomes the dwelling place of the Trinity. It is our Life-Long Task to show our belief and conviction as a Christ Bearer (Christopher). Let us be encouraged to see ourselves represented by the fearful, doubtful disciples to whom Jesus showed special consideration and understanding as in the case of Thomas. He appeared to and accommodated Thomas's (and our) lack of belief. (John 20:29). Let us be grateful to Jesus, let us make our confession of Faith. Let us proclaim to others, that Jesus is indeed "our Lord and our God!"


shutterstock_55228123_200x191.jpg 2. THE CROSSROADS OF LIFE - Life itself is a series of choices. The lyrics of this song present to us (Christ's followers) the fundamental choices that our belief in Jesus require. The crossroads that our faith present are clear and definite; they, however, run contrary to the choices of the "world" where money, material possessions, power,and prestige are of prime importance. The choices that Jesus came to earth to preach are the "primacy of LOVE (God) and SERVICE (Others). To make the "right" choices, we pray for the Light and the wisdom to know and choose the right path that leads to the Heavenly Home.

As Jesus was tempted by the angel of darkness when he started his public ministry, we must prepare ourselves to discern the difference between Faith or disbelief, between Light and Freedom as disciples of Jesus or slaves to our selfishness and eventual permanent separation from the Kingdom of God, between "walking the way of the cross" with our Lord, Savior and Redeemer Jesus or losing our way from the life of everlasting happiness. Most of us know the answers and would like to make the "right" choices. Our task, while on earth, is to persevere in our quest through praying - availing ourselves of the channels of graces through being fed with Jesus's Body and Blood and by His Words through Scripture Readings and reflection. Jesus Christ, our God made man and His Spirit, is speaking and inspiring us, always ready to endow us with the necessary graces, but we must LISTEN with the EAR of our HEARTS.


shutterstock_135137450_200x134.jpg 3.  GOD IS WITH YOU - The lyrics of this song point out to us that nature and its wonders are the proof and reminders of the Creator God; who, out of LOVE, blesses his creatures with such natural gifts. When we responded to the call of being reborn through the Waters of Baptism, our soul is sealed with the imprint of the Trinity, who made their dwelling in us. Our earthly life from then on should be acts of Faith, Hope and Love in our prayer and worship, accompanied by good works toward our brothers and sisters, fellow human beings.

God is with us, NOT only through nature, and events, but more so, He is "in" our souls and is "around" us like the air we breath and the sun that shines. As Christians, this knowledge and assurance of the "nearness of God" should fill us with confidence, trust, and gratitude . This "Good News" should also spur us on to make God known to others through our own examples of upright, honest living, and our willingness to share Not only our earthly goods but also our gifts of time and talents.



4. THE LOVING CALL - The Call to Follow Jesus, which is realized through Baptism, is both a grace and an invitation that requires an answer and a response. The Waters of Rebirth enable us to die and rise with Christ. Our earthly life from then on is but a preparation for the Life Everlasting at the end. By embracing the Life of Faith, we choose Christ as our Guide, Leader, and Light on this journey home.

We are provided the means to stay on course with His Body and Blood - through the Eucharistic Celebration - when we gather as God's family each Sunday and on other special occasions. We are also fed spiritually by His Words. God's Word is a two edged sword that penetrates our inmost thoughts. All of us who pray the Psalms and other Scripture Passages recognize and experience this "penetrating" influence of His Word to guide us when we are faced with choices and challenges of life. We feel his nearness and reassuring presence when we persevere in our search for light and inner peace. Saints and spiritual masters through the ages assure us that we will only find true rest and answers to the deep longing and desires of our hearts through and in Jesus.


shutterstock_15435202_200x200.jpg 5. THE LORD'S DAY - For those of us who have been given the Gift of Faith, every day is the Lord's Day. Our belief IN and the FOLLOWING of Jesus and His Teaching convinces us that we live, and that we exist by the constant LOVE and POWER of Him who creates the heavens and the earth and all its contains. The First two chapters of the Book of Genesis recounted the "stories" of Creation. The Roman Catholic tradition accepts the Evolution Theory while maintaining the belief that the Creator God is the Original Author of all that exists.

We live our earthly life and are involved in all activities as everyone else, BUT we differ in the "why" and "for whom" of our undertakings. We know our ultimate destination is otherworldly, therefore, while we pursue our earthly tasks with the Lord's blessings and graces, we also regularly put aside time to refocus our attention to assemble for worship and spiritual renewal. By doing so, we connect with God and other members of his family. The Lord's Day is when and where we celebrate God's Love in the Eucharist, when we ask for forgiveness, when we are fed by his Body and Blood and by Listening to His Words for guidance. We also share with others our Gifts and Blessings through Loving Services.



6. I AM WITH YOU - This is a song of reassurance to all of Jesus's followers "Be not afraid" (Matthew14:27). The phrase "Behold, I am with you until the end of the world." (Matthew 28:20) at the end of each verse emphasizes and strengthens Jesus's promise to be with us always. He IS with us THROUGH our actions; moreover, Jesus, his Father and the Holy Spirit reside IN our souls when we are reborn through the Waters of Baptism (John 14:23) to become members of His Household. We are to be bearers of the Good News of this Kingdom which is present within us when we are in the state of grace.

How do we "live" our belief, to proclaim this blessedness, this assurance of Jesus while living on earth? We follow Him through being faithful to His Teaching in words and deeds, to gather as a Community of Love to pray, not only for our own needs, but for the world and its many needs. We do so, because when we are united , our prayer will always be heard by Him Who is in our midst (Matthew 18:20) and be fed by His Body and Blood (Luke 22:14-20) that enable us to share eternal life with Jesus (John 6:54).


shutterstock_115407637_200x179.jpg 7. THE GREATEST TRUTH EVER TOLD - The Refrain of this song declares that "God is the Beginning and the End, who is, who was and who is to come" (Rev.1:8). This is the greatest truth that is revealed to the human race. Scriptures passages tell us again and again that this Almighty and Powerful Creator is a Loving God, who sent his Beloved Son Jesus to earth to save us from the power of darkness and death. Jesus, through his Redeeming Passion, Death and Resurrection, offers us salvation which ends in the Everlasting Life of happiness. Since it is an Invitation, it requires a response through the Waters of Rebirth and a Life of LOVE: we regularly gather with our brothers and sisters of the Faith at the Eucharistic Celebration for mutual support and to receive the Food from heaven which is The Body and Blood of Christ. We offer Prayers to the Father daily for our own needs and the needs of the entire Human Family. We are called by this Gift of Faith to offer SERVICES to the less fortunate members of the Mystical Body of Christ, as detailed in the Gospels and other Scriptural Teachings and Exhortations.

When an invitation - even from the Lord of Heaven and earth - is offered, it presents a choice and a decision. Many joyfully accept and consider this grace, this "conversion," a treasure of great worth; while others either ignore or discontinue after a time! Our tasks as followers and recipients of this great gift is two-fold: we live our lives in JOY, PERSEVERANCE, and HOPE. We become "Witnesses" of this Greatest Story of Blessings and LOVE to others through our Loving Care and Concern.


shutterstock_175398290_200x127.jpg 8. TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH - This very short song repeats the Truth of our Faith. We begin our Faith journey by responding to the call of Rebirth through the Waters of Baptism. This Rebirth enables us to receive the manifold graces to be faithful followers of Jesus and to live as children of Light. We take up our daily cross relying on the ONE who came to earth to preach the Good News of Eternal Happiness. This Savior paid the price of our Salvation by his Passion, Death, and Resurrection. Our spiritual hunger and thirst are satisfied when we come to him who is the Star that shines in the dark. This is a song of quiet Confidence and Joy.


shutterstock_122482168_200x338.jpg 9. STAND WITH THE POOR - The lyrics of the Refrain of this song are one of the MOST convincing and clear indications from Jesus. It shows the unmistakable connection and relation between Jesus (God) and others (especially the poor, the " last and least") Matthew 25:40, 45.

The verses of the song describe some of our "Modern Day" Last and Least of our brothers and sisters. They are destitute children in the slumps,they are the underage workers, they are the sweatshop laborers in the third world who make our clothes and other low cost items . They are farm workers who labor under the scotching sun of our fields. They put in long hours for very little pay, and many other suffering people : war refugees, displaced , orphaned, traumatized youths.. Our Faith in the poor and merciful Christ requires us to show our Love through concrete actions. Chapter 25:35-45 has been the foundation of countless religious Congregations and Charitable organizations down through the ages. It is also the distinguishing hall mark and inspiration for thousands of Holy Men and Women to devote their lives to be missionaries and staunch promoters of Justice and Fairness to the under- privileged throughout the world. While we admire these outstanding individuals, we are also reminded that helping others is the outcome and expression of our LOVE FOR GOD.


10. ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD - The lyrics of this song are based on the 2 verses of 2 Cor. 8: 9 and 15. The Apostle Paul told us that "our Lord Jesus, although he was rich, for our sake he became poor, so that by his poverty, we might become rich." We are to understand that the "riches" mentioned here refer primarily to "spiritual riches," rather than material things: the spiritual riches of being reborn through Baptism, of being members of the household of God, and of the promised, everlasting happiness in the hereafter. Paul further exhorts us to share generously with our brothers and sisters, NOT only our Material Gifts, but also the Blessings that come with the Life of Faith, Hope and Love, so that "those who have the most do not have more and those who have the least do not have less."

This song is a prayer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We ask him to save a place in heaven for the POOR, who place their trust in God; and to save a place for those, who do their best to build a better world, as they follow the model and example of the "God Made Man." We labor and use its fruits for ourselves and to share it with the poor. We do this for the Love and Glory of God, as well as to Serve Others. We are reminded through the Gospels and other Scripture Passages of the intimate connection between Loving God and Others. Our belief in Jesus, His Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit will neither be REAL nor AUTHENTIC unless and until we show our LOVE for them through the services we render to others.(Matt. 25:35-45)

We continue our prayer here for those who HAVE MORE, who use their riches to help those who are in need. All are welcomed in the Heavenly Mansion, as long as everyone lives their Life of Faith and Hope through Loving Services. Last but not Least, while we strive for the Ideal and the Goal, all of us fail and stand in need of forgiveness. We pray with faith and humility, strengthened by the belief that we are created BY and FOR LOVE. We exist for his Glory.


shutterstock_99435809_200x156.jpg 11. LOVE THE LORD, MY SOUL - The lyrics of this song ARE a "conversation" between the believer and his/her soul. It reminds itself that the Lord Jesus comes to earth, into time and history, to "bring good things" to us - his creatures. Among the countless blessings are the beauties and resources of creation to nourish our bodies and our spirit. The greatest gifts that Jesus brings to us are the Gift of Faith and the Blessing of Rebirth through the Waters of Baptism. This Sacrament of Initiation is the gateway to Life in the Spirit. As baptized believers, we are given the necessary graces to live our earthly life as "citizens of the Life to Come."

Our response to this tremendous Promised Eternal Life is LOVE. We keep this love alive in the frequent celebration of the Eucharist, as we join with other members of the household of faith to recall Christ's Redeeming Life, His Teaching, Passion, Death and Resurrection. We also offer our thankful praise in individual prayers, inviting this God of Love to come into our hearts, to lighten our darkness, and to forgive our failings against the Laws of LOVE and SERVICE. We further show our HOPE in Jesus by taking up our daily cross and following Him.

 The Life of Faith is an active life inspired by Him who first Loved us and gave up his life to prove this LOVE. Let us continue our grateful thanks by telling our soul to "BLESS the LORD!"


shutterstock_41865874_225x151.jpg 12. RISE ON WINGS OF THE DAWN - An uplifting song which is based on the two verses of Matthew 6:33 "Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all (else) will be given to you" and "For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened" Matthew 7:8 . We sing in praise of the Gifts of God that set us free: FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. We lift our voices in prayer to ask for the Light to lead us out of the darkness of sin and detachment from worldly values. We petition Jesus, who is the Truth and be guided by Him, who is The Way.

As we are being reborn through the Waters of Rebirth, we live our New Life in Joy and Gratitude by following Jesus, who enables us to express our LOVE for GOD by SERVING the Last and the Least among us through the sharing of our gifts. Jesus prayed to the Father during the Last Supper that we be "protected from the evil one" ( John 17:15). This protection will be ours, if and when we center our life in Him and seek His Kingdom of Justice and Peace. God is faithful and will grant our petitions when we ask with humility, hope, and trust. Yes! Let us believe in the Son of God and rise on wings of the dawn!


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