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The Roman Catholic Rite commemorates the Baptism of the Lord, as the beginning of his Public Life, when the celebration of Christmas comes to a close.  Scripture Reading tells us of the Father's Voice being heard, proclaiming Jesus as his "beloved Son," while the Holy Spirit - in the form of a dove - descended upon Jesus, as he was being baptized by John the Baptist.

Jesus came to tell us the "Good NEWS" of the Kingdom of God. This kingdom's requirement of its membership is what Christ came to preach and give his life to prove - to love God and to serve others out of love for him.  Through the Water of Baptism, those of us who are baptized also become God the Father's beloved sons and daughters with the Holy Spirit descending upon us.  The Water of Rebirth and its accompanying graces enable us to "spread the GOOD NEWS," as Jesus did during his Life on Earth.

Jesus did not promise us an easy life.  He does, however, tell us that we will win the final victory, when he comes for us at the end of our lives - if we live with Faith in God, Hope in his promise of being with us always, and if we Love Him and others for his sake.


shutterstock_6709591_306x500_150x245.jpg I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year and is now beginning the "routines" of the year.  For those of us who follow a  Christian "Worship Calendar", the next commemoration will be the Baptism of Jesus, it is considered the official beginning of his Public Ministry.  Inspired by the Scripture Readings relating to this commemoration, we wrote the song " WE SHALL ALWAYS OVERCOME" for the CD "PRAY FOR DELIVERANCE."

Jesus was baptized in the Jordan by John the Baptist, and received the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove.  As Christians, we receive this same Holy Spirit at our Baptism and are sent forth to preach the Good News.  We are given and commissioned to "overcome" the world of darkness, war, miseries, abject poverty etc.. through FAITH, HOPE and LOVE.    

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